shipping company


ZOELINE Consultants offers you an investment project of a group of shipping
companies in family ownership, registered in the Republic of Cyprus.
The company with a 25 year history of successful work in the shipping industry in
markets such as container, multipurpose, bulk, mixed cargo, chemical tankers,
passenger ships and mega – yachts.

Shipping group of companies owns six multi-purpose vessels / container. All of
them go under the flag of the Republic of Cyprus and are subject to a preferential
system of tonnage tax – TTS, the rate of which is set for a ton of net tonnage, which
is much more favorable to corporate income tax.

In this shipping company a strong management team is involved, with over 65
years experience in the industry, excellent market know-how and innovative
shipping projects; ability to analyze in detail the information on the global
financial markets, market trends and opportunities in the field of shipping.
The company has access to a significant global relations in the value chain
(change freight / rental rates, the calculation of operating costs, risk factors, etc.)
Shipping group of companies offers profitable investment to investors. Equity
investments in shipping provides for a strong team, as well as the underlying asset,
which is able to cope with any trials that may occur during the development of new

We offer long-term strategic partnership for further investment in the industry, so
that even now it becomes possible to take advantage of opportunities in order to
strengthen the capital structure, long-term growth and profitability, while
remaining a private shipping company in the country ranked fifth in the world in
terms of security and safety.

If you are interested in this project the company ZOELINE Consultants will

  • a detailed business plan with a detailed economic feasibility;
  • the budget of profit and loss;
  • the calculation of return on investment, and other financial indicators.

    We will prepare an investment – feasibility study:

  • analysis of the external and the internal market in the field of shipping;
  • analysis of the competitiveness of niche shipping companies;
  • analysis of the demand for shipping services in the region based on the
    availability of telecommunications infrastructure, logistics and so on.);
  • amortization state of the ships, etc.

Also, we will conduct negotiations with all interested parties involved in the
transaction, and we will organize the preparation of the necessary documentation
and audit documents drawn up by third parties.
Our task is to provide legal support for the deal, with the possible involvement of
legal advisers of international law.
If you are interested, we are ready to provide detailed information on the
investment project.

Sincerely, Group of Companies Zoeline Consultants.