Oil refinery



ZOELINE Consultants offers you an investment project on the Refinery, located in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The refinery has reconstructed plant for oil refining and processing production line with a capacity of up to 60 thousand tons per year.


The refinery also has a 6.1 km railway with drain-loading capacity of simultaneous reception of 20 tank cars with the automation of loading-unloading fuel, a steam boiler capacity of 16 tons of steam per hour, water wells, high-voltage power line of 4 km , renovated storage tanks for petroleum products with a capacity of 7800 m3, vent valves that limit the discharge of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Also, the construction of storage tanks with a capacity of 5000 m3 is about to finish.

Refinery has a competitive price and regular customers.

The products are processed straight gasoline, diesel, fuel oil.

  1. Gasoline straight – Standard – CCM 1057.2006
  2. Diesel fuel – Standard – GOST 305-82
  3. Fuel oil – Standard – GOST 10585-99

For normal operation of the plant, 3,000 tons of oil per month is necessary. The cost of one ton is about $ 300 (the price steadily decreases following the price of oil). Necessary working capital – about 1 million.

Oil is paid for after it is loaded into the wagons at the plant (currently in Kazakhstan) in 1,000 tons each consignment.

Profitability is at a price of $ 300 / ton to $ 40 a ton, therefore, when loading 3,000 tons the profitability is $ 120,000 per month.

For now, the first thousand tons are shipped and being processed. The second thousand is in the process of shipment.

Refinery is ready to attract between 500 and 700,000 $ by 10-15% per annum for up to 6 months.


If you are interested in this project the company ZOELINE Consultants will prepare:

– A detailed business plan with a detailed economic feasibility of using credit funds;

– The budget of profit and loss;

– The calculation of return on investment, and other financial indicators.


We will prepare feasibility study that will include:

– Analysis of the external and internal market of oil and oil products;

– Analysis of oil products market regions;

– Analysis of the raw material base;

– Amortization condition of the equipment and technical capacity of the plant, etc.


Also, we will conduct negotiations with all interested parties involved in the transaction, and we will organize the preparation of the necessary documentation and audit documents drawn up by third parties.

Our task is to provide legal support for the deal, with the possible involvement of legal advisers of international law.

If you are interested, we are ready to provide detailed information on the investment project.