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Interest in Cyprus resumes.

After three months of consequent fall, the interest of international investors to do business in Cyprus has resumed, which can be seen by the number of companies registered in April. Based on the government’s registry there have been 869 applications in April, the Stock Watch says.

In April of last year, 2014, there have been only 815 applications. In this manner, after the drop of index by 4,4% in March, in April 2015 the number of new companies has exceeded the last year’s index by 6,6%. The head of Cypriot office of ‘KPMG’ Andreas Georgiadis connects this fact with amelioration of business climate of the Republic after the cancellation of all the limitations on movement of the capital in the banking system.

His colleague from ‘Baker Tilly’ Marios Kitou notes that due to the high probability of positive conclusions that are to be made by the ‘Troika’ monitoring mission, the attractiveness of the Republic in the eyes of international investors will continue to recover in the forthcoming months. Nevertheless, during four months of the year, 3416 companies collapsed, which is by 7,5% less than in 2014. Overall, in government’s registry of Cyprus there are 254 thousand of companies.