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Cyprus wants to become the European startup centre.

Do you want to create and develop a startup on the island and you derive from a third world country? You will be issued a visa. Successful startupers will receive the right for permanent residence in Cyprus, the right to hire a certain amount of workers, as well as an ability to reunite with the family. Startup will be considered successful based on the following criteria:

-amount of new workers

-taxes paid to the treasury of Cyprus

-amount of export

-company’s input to the economical development of the country

-level of advancement of innovations and research

This idea will help Cyprus to become more competitive on an international level.

You may find more detailed information here: http://www.reform.gov.cy/en/press-room/announcements-news/press-release-tax-incentives-to-individuals-to-invest-in-innovative-enterprises-and-startups