investor program

Second citizenship by investment program is an excellent opportunity to broaden the boundaries for private life and international business. The program ‘Citizenship by Investment’ of the Republic of Cyprus was updated by the Council of Ministers on 19th of March 2014, and it represents a unique opportunity to become a citizen of European Union in short amount of time, while gaining all the advantages of living and doing business in such a wonderful country as Cyprus.

Cyprus is a European country and it is third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea that is situated in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean, and which is a full member of the European Union since 2004. It is located at the intersection of the routes from Europe, Asia and Africa. Historically Cyprus developed as a multicultural financial centre.

After the entry into the European Union, citizens of the Republic and foreigners who chose to live permanently in Cyprus, received equal rights with citizens of other EU countries. Apart from the right to move freely in order to live, work and study, your family receives the advantage of using the justice system, social welfare, and national health system.

For many years Cyprus remains one of the attractive places for investors, business men and their families thanks to the good climate, legislation based on the Anglo-Saxon legal system, low level of crime, developed telecommunication network, tax advantages, possibility to educate children, leisure and self-development.

The country’s economy is confidently overcoming consequences of the financial crisis. Business activity and trust of the investors are gradually regained, which opens opportunities for new investment projects.

Zoeline group of companies is ready to offer services in the field of residence planning, passing through the necessary procedures and acquisition of Cypriot citizenship by means of investment.