Cypriot citizenship – investor program

Why do investors choose Cyprus?

In today’s world Cyprus is a recognized business center and a heart of management of seagoing vessels. It is located in the Eastern Mediterranean and has a developed infrastructure that can provide opportunities and prospects for establishment of international companies, implementation of ambitious projects and investment decisions.

The main advantages of Cyprus are: effective corporate legislation based on the British model, minimum of formalities for registration, unique protection of private property, current taxation encourages business development and activities of international investors, favorable and unique geographical location, it is an attractive touristic center, it offers security and a mild Mediterranean climate.

Given the perfect combination of price and quality of property, together with a favorable tax system, Cyprus is a favorable and comfortable place of residence for foreign investors. 

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Main advantages of acquiring Cypriot citizenship through investment

  • Visa-free entry to more than 160 countries, including the US
  • The right to live, work and study in any EU country
  • Members of the applicant’s family may apply for citizenship
  • Parents of an investor can also obtain citizenship provided that their possession of residential property in Cyprus is worth at least 500 thousand euro
  • Making European citizenship for children under 28 years who are dependent on the applicant
  • Republic of Cyprus allows dual citizenship
  • No requirement of permanent residence in Cyprus or exam on the knowledge of the language
  • One of the fastest programs of obtaining citizenship in Europe – 6 months
  • Freedom of movement of capital, goods and services in the EU countries
  • Cypriot citizenship – an effective tax planning tool with the lowest tax rate in Europe
  • No inheritance tax
  • Ability to sell the property 3 years after acquisition of citizenship
  • A great place to live and educate children


Basic requirements for obtaining citizenship of Cyprus for investment.

  • No criminal record
  • The need to select one of the investment options that make up a minimum of 2 million. Euro
  • Investments should be placed for at least 3 years
  • Owning a property in Cyprus worth at least 500 thousand. Euro


Options for investment in Cyprus

- Investments in real estate, real development projects, land, capital projects

- Investments in assets of Cypriot companies or organizations

- Investments in real business projects

- Investments in alternative investment funds (AIF)

- The combination of the above criteria


How we can help you

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Company of our workers is ready to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to obtain Cypriot citizenship, starting from the date of submission of the application until the moment your passport of the Republic of Cyprus is issued.

In addition to provision of services for the acquisition of citizenship, together with our partners we will help you resolve all legal aspects relating to search and acquisition of real estate in Cyprus, as well as investments in reliable and cost-effective business projects.