Citizenship planning

After Cyprus has entered into EU in 2004, it became a country with a good investment climate. At the moment Cyprus has an open market economy which mainly specializes in the sphere of agriculture, tourism and services.

In the modern world Cyprus has also been recognized as a center of business and ship management in the Eastern Mediterranean, it also has a developed infrastructure, an ability to offer possibilities and opportunities for establishment of international companies, as well as implementation of ambitious projects and investment decisions.

The main advantages of Cyprus are: efficient corporate legislation based on the British model, minimum formalities during registration of the company, protection of private property, modern taxation that motivates development of entrepreneurship and activity of international investors, availability of qualified professionals, beneficial geographic location, safety and a very good climate.

Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates on company’s profit and appropriate system of tax administration. Income such as dividends, capital gain, income from securities operations, are completely exempt from taxation. All of this in combination with a wide web of intergovernmental agreements of double tax avoidance attracts foreign investors.

Cyprus program for acquisition of citizenship through investment is the most attractive one for those who have the resources.  Its main advantages are the right for free movement and employment in EU countries.

Additional advantages include: guaranteed stability of the legal system, social security and an ability to enter in more than 150 countries with no visa required.

Our company works with carefully chosen projects which enable a highly effective investment.

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