Individual Investor Program of Malta


*General characteristics of jurisdiction*

In accordance with requirements of the law ‘On Maltese Citizenship’, article 188 and rules on Malta’s Individual Investor Program of the year 2014, clients with good reputation and those who are prepared to contribute to the economic development of the country are allowed to profit from Malta’s Individual Investor Program – which enables attainment of Maltese citizenship.
The aim of the program is to attract investors who will support the economic development of the country and bring beneficial experience, as well as to create new, attractive possibilities.

Some advantages of Malta’s Individual Investor Program

-Malta is a member of the European Union that offers dual citizenship
-reasonable size of contribution and simple process of application submission
-attractive taxation system and legislation, as well as a wide range of agreements on avoidance of double taxation
-citizenship of Malta presumes unrestricted residence and the right to work and do business in any country of the EU, including United Kingdom and Switzerland. Maltese citizenship also opens a great possibility to travel without a visa to more than 160 countries of the world, including USA.
-Malta offers high standard of life and it stays on a very beneficial and convenient geographic location that has an excellent marine and air connection
-Mediterranean lifestyle
-the total time from the beginning of preparation and submission of immigration documents for review until the attainment of passport will be 14-16 months.

The process is divided into 3 parts:
1) Attainment of residence, from which the countdown of 12 months starts.
2) Filling in of forms and submission of documents to Identity Malta.
3) Implementation of financial and investment obligations.


To apply for citizenship the applicant must:
1. Be older than 18 years old;
2. Make an investment in the government fund of Malta;
3. Comply with all the requirements of IIP (Individual Investor Program);
4. To provide proof of address and right to residential property in Malta in accordance with the rules of IIP;
5. Be obliged to invest in government bonds, as stated in the Gazette of Malta Agency Identification (ldentity Malta Agency);
6. Must have good background and have no criminal record;
7. Must be a good resident of Malta for 2 months. However, the program does not demand a specific number of days that the applicant has to spend in Malta.


Main applicant – €650,000
Spouse and every child younger than 8 years old – €25,000
Every dependent parent (55 years and older) and every unmarried child between 18 and 26 years old -€50,000

Fee for inspection of documents:
Main applicant – €7,500
Spouse and adult children and parents – €5,000
Children between 13 and 18 years old – €3,000

Passport and bank charges:
Payment for a passport: € 500 for each applicant;
Bank charges: € 200 for each applicant.


In case of a positive review, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter and within 4 months from the date of receipt he/she will have to submit the following documents:
• A statement that the principal applicant is obliged to invest in Malta the amount of €50,000 in government-approved financial instruments.
• Applicants will also have to provide proof of international medical insurance policy.


The law “On citizenship of Malta” allows dual citizenship.


The maximum number of applications that can be submitted for participation in the Program of Individual Investor of Malta – 1,800.