Economic criteria and other requirements

In order to attain Cypriot citizenship one has to comply with the following financial criteria:
At least 5 million euro of investments in:
• Government bonds, or
• Financial assets of Cypriot companies/organizations, or
• Real estate, land development and infrastructure projects, or
• Purchase or creation or participation in Cypriot business/companies with the head office and business in Cyprus, or

Deposits of 5 million euro in banks operating in Cyprus, or
• Combination of the aforementioned criteria in the amount of 5 million euro, or
• Devalued deposits in the Laiki Bank (the Popular Bank) of a minimum amount of 3 million euro.
• Collective investments – criteria diminishes to:

• 2.5 million euro for each applicant, with the total amount of investment being not less than 12.5 million euro

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions and requirements:
• No criminal record
• To possess real estate in Cyprus which costs not less than 500,000 euro
• Employees who hold head positions in a company can apply for citizenship if the income tax (from the salary), paid or prepaid to the tax authorities of Cyprus for the 3 year period, is not less than 100,000 euro
• In case the investor buys real estate that costs not less than 5 million euro or 2,5 million euro (on the basis of the existing criteria), he/she don’t have to purchase an additional property of 500,000 euro