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Cypriot citizenship – investor program

Why do investors choose Cyprus?

In today’s world Cyprus is a recognized business center and a heart of management of seagoing vessels. It is located in the Eastern Mediterranean and has a developed infrastructure that can provide opportunities and prospects for establishment of international companies, implementation of ambitious projects and investment decisions.

The main advantages of Cyprus are: effective corporate legislation based on the British model, minimum of formalities for registration, unique protection of private property, current taxation encourages business development and activities of international investors, favorable and unique geographical location, it is an attractive touristic center, it offers security and a mild Mediterranean climate.

Given the perfect combination of price and quality of property, together with a favorable tax system, Cyprus is a favorable and comfortable place of residence for foreign investors. 

For more information on investment opportunities and projects in Cyprus, as well as the procedure for obtaining the Cypriot citizenship, you should contact our company.

We work with carefully selected projects that maximize investment.


Main advantages of acquiring Cypriot citizenship through investment

  • Visa-free entry to more than 160 countries, including the US
  • The right to live, work and study in any EU country
  • Members of the applicant’s family may apply for citizenship
  • Parents of an investor can also obtain citizenship provided that their possession of residential property in Cyprus is worth at least 500 thousand euro
  • Making European citizenship for children under 28 years who are dependent on the applicant
  • Republic of Cyprus allows dual citizenship
  • No requirement of permanent residence in Cyprus or exam on the knowledge of the language
  • One of the fastest programs of obtaining citizenship in Europe – 6 months
  • Freedom of movement of capital, goods and services in the EU countries
  • Cypriot citizenship – an effective tax planning tool with the lowest tax rate in Europe
  • No inheritance tax
  • Ability to sell the property 3 years after acquisition of citizenship
  • A great place to live and educate children


Basic requirements for obtaining citizenship of Cyprus for investment.

  • No criminal record
  • The need to select one of the investment options that make up a minimum of 2 million. Euro
  • Investments should be placed for at least 3 years
  • Owning a property in Cyprus worth at least 500 thousand. Euro


Options for investment in Cyprus

- Investments in real estate, real development projects, land, capital projects

- Investments in assets of Cypriot companies or organizations

- Investments in real business projects

- Investments in alternative investment funds (AIF)

- The combination of the above criteria


How we can help you

We are providing our customers with the highest class of service – the main task of our group of companies.

Our financial consultants and lawyers possess professional experience and skills. They work closely with government agencies and they will provide you with timely and competent support along with complete privacy.

Company of our workers is ready to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to obtain Cypriot citizenship, starting from the date of submission of the application until the moment your passport of the Republic of Cyprus is issued.

In addition to provision of services for the acquisition of citizenship, together with our partners we will help you resolve all legal aspects relating to search and acquisition of real estate in Cyprus, as well as investments in reliable and cost-effective business projects.




Invest in our Projects.


For 12 years group of companies Zoeline has been carrying out professional activity on an international level, in the field of business consulting and investments for corporate and private clients. Starting from 2012 the search for fixed-income investments into the real sector became one of the key  lines of activity of our company.

We have versatile experience in implementation of investment projects in different spheres of economical activity. With our help, our clients have implemented the projects on acquisition of hotels in Cyprus and Catalonia, and restaurant projects in Cyprus.

Our mission is to gather investment projects with a guaranteed profitability, make analysis of business and support the client during the acquisition process.

We assisted in the evaluation of investment attractiveness of projects on acquisition of an oil refinery in Kyrgyzstan, geological exploration company in Russia, furniture factory in Spain, construction of a production factory of basalt fiber in Austria.

Today we develop and promote a unique investment project in Cyprus, which attracts private investors to attain Cypriot citizenship in accordance with the legislation of the country.

If you are interested in one or another investment project , our specialists are ready to provide full consulting and juridical support, make a detailed audit of the project, develop a tax system for the asset acquisition, introduce suggestions regarding restructuring.

Group of companies Zoeline is happy to offer its experience, intellectual resources and specific instruments for your development.


Citizenship planning

After Cyprus has entered into EU in 2004, it became a country with a good investment climate. At the moment Cyprus has an open market economy which mainly specializes in the sphere of agriculture, tourism and services.

In the modern world Cyprus has also been recognized as a center of business and ship management in the Eastern Mediterranean, it also has a developed infrastructure, an ability to offer possibilities and opportunities for establishment of international companies, as well as implementation of ambitious projects and investment decisions.

The main advantages of Cyprus are: efficient corporate legislation based on the British model, minimum formalities during registration of the company, protection of private property, modern taxation that motivates development of entrepreneurship and activity of international investors, availability of qualified professionals, beneficial geographic location, safety and a very good climate.

Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates on company’s profit and appropriate system of tax administration. Income such as dividends, capital gain, income from securities operations, are completely exempt from taxation. All of this in combination with a wide web of intergovernmental agreements of double tax avoidance attracts foreign investors.

Cyprus program for acquisition of citizenship through investment is the most attractive one for those who have the resources.  Its main advantages are the right for free movement and employment in EU countries.

Additional advantages include: guaranteed stability of the legal system, social security and an ability to enter in more than 150 countries with no visa required.

Our company works with carefully chosen projects which enable a highly effective investment.

You can find detailed information on investment projects in Cyprus and on Cypriot citizenship acquisition procedure when you contact our company.

We will be glad to cooperate and we are ready to answer all your questions!


Investment projects and support

In 2014 Global Lifestyle Review of Knight Frank confirmed that Cypriot property market remains in demand and this makes the property in Cyprus an ideal object for investment.

Why invest in Cyprus?

  • - Investment in Cyprus makes it possible to attain residence, EU citizenship.
  • - Land registry offers security of the notary deed and property protection
  • - Legal system in Cyprus is based on English Law
  • - A great place for living and educating children
  • - There is no inheritance tax.

The basic condition for receiving citizenship of Cyprus is real estate investments – real estate projects on the warmest and most popular coast of Europe.

We provide comprehensive investment services and advice when buying property in Cyprus.

The group of companies Zoeline together with our partners and developers offer various investment plans in real estate and business projects with the aim of obtaining citizenship of Cyprus.

Our partners are trusted construction companies with good business reputation and practical experience.

Together with our partners, group of companies Zoeline offers:

  • • Selection of residential and commercial real estate in cities such as Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Protaras
  • • Best options for investment
  • • Execution of all authorizations for the purchase of real estate
  • • Advice on tax planning and structure investments
  • • Application for EU citizenship
  • • Advice on possible financing through local banks

If you are interested, we are ready to give you detailed advice on the criteria for naturalization of investors in Cyprus and answer all the questions on investments.