Castle Joliverie



With a utility room and a territory of 3 acres.
Castle “Joliverie” is situated in the Loire valley, which is the only region in
France that is wholly included in the World Heritage of UNESCO as an object,
and it is a masterpiece of human creative genius.
20 minutes drive away from the castle, on the river of Loire, there is one of the
biggest wine-making centers of France, the city Tour, which is famous for its
numerous monuments of architecture and history. Contemporary name of the town
is in tune with the French words “excursion” and “tower”, which is very symbolic.
The town is a convenient starting point of excursions to the famous castles located
in the Loire valley, with excellent transport links – train station, bus station, and
the international airport.

The castle of “Joliverie” was totally reconstructed in 2013 in a style of ‘Belle
époque’ as a 4-star hotel. The necessary permissions to open a guest house have
been attainted. The castle has 6 VIP rooms with bathrooms and toilets, together
with magnificent view on the nature. Living room, room for breakfast, kitchen,
office, utility and laundry rooms. Two picturesque terraces are equipped.

The living area of the castle – 460 m2. All the rooms, living room, kitchen,
breakfast room, etc. are fully furnished in the style of ‘Belle époque’.
On the grounds of the castle are located utility residential premises (renovated) for
2 staff rooms, storage and garage, pool and dressing room next to the pool.
Total area of residential outbuildings is 90 m2.
The castle is located on the old cellars, which produced and stored wine. Area of
the cellars is more than 500m2.
Geological survey was made and it is possible to reconstruct 2 out of 4 basements
in order to make a restaurant for 50 seats.
On the territory of the castle there is a new garden and vineyard with a
breathtaking view on the beautiful surrounding landscape.

A study was made on the touristic inflow the region of Loire castles from Russia,
Ukraine and Asia. This study showed that this region got the highest interest from
tourists and vacationers.
Special attention is directed to organization of family vacation and informative
leisure oriented at historical and cultural values of Loire region. Confirmations
have been received from well known touristic companies that are interested in
collaboration on organization of reception of vacationers and tourists in the castle
of “Joliverie”.

The castle of “Joliverie” is fully furnished, equipped with home appliances,
security alarm, telephones, Internet, satellite TV in all the rooms, in all languages.
There is access to online booking, and there is the machine to receive credit cards
(cash register). It is fully ready for customers to move in and can be used either
for business and or as a family house in the most picturesque regions of France.
In case of your interest in the current project, ZOELINE Consultants will
prepare for you:

• detailed business plan with a detailed economic feasibility study;
• the budget of profit and loss in the case of acquisition of Castle as a business
project – a guest house, opening the restaurant, the other;
• preparation of the annual estimates of depreciation of the building, the
calculation of the cost of cosmetic and capital building maintenance (including use
of the Castle for a family or for business purposes);
• the calculation of return on investment, and other financial indicators.

Our business case for investment and business objectives will include:

• analysis of the internal and external market of hotel, restaurant business or other
• analysis of the competitiveness of the stated areas of activity;
• analysis of the demand for services, depending on the areas of activity in the
region based on the development of infrastructure.

Also, we will conduct negotiations with all interested parties involved in thetransaction, and we will organize the preparation of the necessary documentationand audit documents drawn up by third parties.Our task is to provide legal support for the deal, with the possible involvement of legal advisers of international law.

If you are interested, we are ready to provide detailed information on the investment project.

Sincerely, Group of Companies Zoeline Consultants.