History of Zoeline group of companies

In November 2003 a private consulting company has opened its doors in Cyprus in order to support a number of trusted corporate and private clients in the field of business.

In August 2008 in response to the growing needs of our customers, the company started actively developing the practice of advisory on complex tax issues. Our customers have highly praised, as well as tested on practice, the unique asset protection scheme that was developed by a group of our companies.

Since autumn of 2013, investment consulting transformed into a different practice. The company entered into a partnership with Spanish colleagues who work in real estate for over 20 years, and we also started cooperating with a number of Spanish banks.

Our office in Madrid provides services for selection of interesting investment projects in real estate, with subsequent management of the objects acquired.

Currently, project consulting is one of the most popular practices of our company and it is aimed at comprehensive solution of clients’ problems relating to tax, finance, and legality. The main target of these projects is to select and to create the most effective ways of doing business, develop optimal and profitable investment schemes of the real projects, and provide an effective after-sales management.